Lost in the Dark; Looking for Light

Without the slightest inkling of doubt, I am confident of what I must do: I must, nay, I will, strive to remain en-route to my full potential.

Life has it's ups and downs, of that there is no doubt. Timidity is naught but fear manifest as action, or the lack there of. Hubris breeds contempt in it's purest, and most vicious forms. So, then, it seems clear to me that the only tenable course of action is one of forthright honesty with a dash of humility.

Though I try to conduct my interpersonal relations with scrupulous truthfulness, the fact is, I desperately need to engage in some profound intrapersonal exploration and probity. I have, for too long, been at the beck and call of my desires. Much has been said, by many a wise man, of how desire is the root of all suffering; I disagree. Desire, when left unchecked, leads invariably to spiritual (and financial) ruin. But, when harnessed appropriately, with prudent pragmatism and ardent analysis, acceptance and pursuit of desires can lead to untold insights regarding one's own character and serve as a catalyst for growth and fulfillment.

I am in no way advocating, or condoning, the frivolous vanity of the global fashion industry or anything like the selfaggrandizing greed that can be seen in everything from luxury cars and boats to high-tech gadgets that serve hardly any purpose other than to distract you from their petty insubstantiality with a little glitzy garbage. Remember, "all that glitters is not gold."

Although I truly intend on seeking out my muse and pursuing my passions with gusto, I am utterly lost...

I cannot see any light at the end of this vast darkness; it may be a tunnel leading me to the destiny that I have spawned for myself, but, then again, I may indeed be as lost as I feel in the blind chasm that is my status quo.


If found, please return to reality.

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  1. You will find what you are looking for when you stop seeking it. You will find yourself when you live for others. The yin defines the yang.